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Panagia Odigitria

The village Skarinou has beautiful and rich churches. 

The central church of the village is the church of Panagia Odigitria. Its construction begun by the inhabitants in 1950 and it was completed in 1953. There used to be another church which was demolished. 

The church is singe aisled with a dome. Its capacity is 400 to 450 people. The iconostasis is graven and made of walnut wood. 

The inhabitants of the village wanted to make the best iconostasis ever, so they went to the best craftsman of Limassol and order an iconostasis, a despotic throne and an altar from the best walnut wood. They paid him 1.080.000 oka of locust beans-since the inhabitants of Skarinou were occupied with their production. The price is estimated to 600 pounds. 

In 1985 some wall paintings started decorating the church. The wall painting of Platitera decorated the apse. The central apse depicts the Pantokrator, Saint Dimitrios and Saint Fanourios. On the south side of the church there is a wall painting of Apostle Andrew and on the west side a wall painting of Archangel Gabriel and Michael. The psalters of the church are wooden, recently made and are graven. There are also two bell towers: one on the north side of the church and another on the south side. 

The gallery is big, amphitheatric with inner stairs. 

The icon which is dedicated to Virgin Mary is very old. It was almost demolished by a virus on the wood. It was saved by an hagiographer. The church celebrates on 8th September. 






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