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Dear friends,

I welcome you to the website of our community and we will contact you when it is necessary in order to inform you about the news and the development of our community.

For those who do not know me, I am mr Damianos Kosma Michael. I was elected as the President of Skarinou's Community Council in 1989, after working for 10 years as a member of the village authority having for president mr Demetris Kefalas (retired). Since then I was elected as the President of the Community Council and I participate in some councils like the ones below:

  1. District Secretary General of Larnaca Communities Union
  2. Member of the Cyprus Communities Union (C.C.U) council (total 17 members)
  3. Representative of C.C.U at the National Environmental Committee
  4. Representative of C.C.U at the Advisory Committee for the Offal Administration
  5. President of the Administrative Committee of Mari's Disposal Center

According to the above statements many duties come up and especially now that we have joined the European Union, where the environment is one of our first targets.

I will try, continuously and faithfully, to update our website, in order to give information to those who are interested for our village, especially for those who live abroad and do not have the chance to come here very often.

Moreover, through this website we will try to give you the news of our village, but also to receive your news wherever you are.



Damianos Kosma Michael.

President of Skarinou's Community Council.







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